Ink & Canvas

We are strategic-creative

digital innovator.


“Ink & Canvas once was awarded the Asia’s Best Employer Awards 2011 by CMO in
Singapore. Our people was awarded the Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest
Winner as well.
Furthermore, there were a few more achievements well achieved by our people,
such as Asia’s Top 40 Application Award.”


Enterprise Resource Planning modules and system integration for your organization.

Custom Software

Modern apps and system on any platform (desktop, web, and mobile), tailored made to meet your organization needs.

Tech Consultant

Let us introduce and assist you to the latest technology advancement that is best for your business acceleration.

Body Hire

Why bother with the hassle of recruitment and learning curve? We offer you an on-demand outsourcing service model for your just-in-time project.


Leading cloud based B2B services which helps Indonesia to accelerate its economics growth


  • To facilitate small business enterprise to utilize IT
    as one of the company’s key component.
  • To provide premium services to the customers
  • Conducting continuous research to be always
    innovating with cutting edge technologies.
  • To narrow the gap between IT industry and IT

Competitive Advantages

INC Process

Software development standard process with Agile Development methodology, best practice industrial approach, and cutting edge technology.


Core software development framework with micro-services and serverless architecture with advance features (less-code, rich RESTFul query, OAuth support, SSO, and multi-tenant design).

Ready-to-serve Enterprise Modules

We have more than 10 enterprise level modules which ready to use or to custom for development process efficiency.

Ready to start creating a masterpiece?